Sunday, January 18, 2015

Back to Blue Apron

I completed the remaining two meals from my first Blue Apron shipment. They were completed and eaten some days ago and I'm just getting around to telling you about them. So much cooking, eating, blogging/so little time.

The second dish I made was Thai Coconut Shrimp Sour with Lemongrass & Red Curry. It was so tasty and wonderful on a chilly winter day!

The ingredients and recipe card

After being my own sous chef and
cutting the peppers less thin than suggested.

They all get sautéed in a pot.

Coconut milk, lemongrass and red curry paste get added.
I had never used lemongrass before. The outer fiberous layers had to be removed to get to the inner pliable cores. One core was minced and added to the soup. The other was cut lengthwise and each piece smashed with the back of the knife. Those are the two smashed halves being steeped in the soup.  I ended up cutting them to make them shorter to fit in the broth better.

Shrimp are added.

The completed dish.
The completed dish with rice, a sprinkle of cilantro and a wedge of lime made a beautiful and delicious meal. I could hardly wait to have it again for another meal . . . and another . . . four times altogether.

A few days later I made the last dish: Pulled Chicken Tacos with Jicama, Avocado & Cilantro Salad. Another winner!

The ingredients

The ingredients after sous chef action

I had never worked with or tasted jicama before. I had to cut it into matchsticks. The first ones that I did on a mandoline were better than the last ones that I had to cut by hand. Jicama is crunchy and has a refreshing, clean, almost citrusy flavor. It made a great salad with the avocado and slices of red onion. I will be using it again if I can find it in my nearby markets. So far I haven't found any. I will have to go farther afield.

A quick sauté of the aromatics

The tomato sauce was added and here the chicken goes in.

Pulling apart the chicken breasts

The finished plate
Yummy, yummy, yummy! It made three meals for me and could have been four. The spice blend gave the chicken just the kick it needed and a squirt of lime on everything, including the salad, was the finishing touch that put it over the top.  I'm especially looking forward to making the salad again. Jicama! Who knew!!!

Two thumbs up on all three meals in my first Blue Apron delivery.

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